Jazz Loans Manchester provides fast and safe loans to the people of Greater Manchester.

We believe that we are an incredibly safe financial institution and are underwritten by high-profile financial institutions.

Partly because of our hyper local business activity, we as an institution are very accountable to the people of Greater Manchester—therefore we are always careful with your money.

Each staff member is vetted using the Disclosure and Barring Service, more commonly known as a CRB check. They are heavily trained in Data Protection and forced to sign our company charter of good ethical practice.

As a member of the Consumer Credit Association we have strict legislation and ethical lending practices to which we must, and do always, adhere.

Fraud is always investigated and we always pursue prosecution. This is to ensure the safety of all of our customers. All of our agents are trained in detecting fraud when they meet you in your home, and we will never lend out without an agent having had a face-to-face meeting.

We ensure that all of our documentation is provided in a clear, concise and accessible manner. All of our documentation is available in large print or braille; if you require this, then please contact us as soon as possible. All of our customers are entitled to understand their credit agreement.

Our agents will always read over everything with you and ensure complete understanding.

We always ensure the complete safety and peace of mind for our customers, and we provide support for our customers during the application process, the interview and until the moment the loan is completely repaid.

We offer low, affordable interest rates because we do not want to exploit the financial struggles of our clientele—other companies' unsecured loans do exploit their customers for profit.

If you suffer from financial difficulties at any time during the repayment period, then you should contact us immediately in order to prevent a vicious circle of worsening finances from forming. We will always help you to the best of our abilities.