Manchester is our home. We believe it's the greatest city in the world! We wanted to create a business that would allow our staff and customers to enjoy the great city, being provided with the money they need when they need it. Manchester is a vibrant city with So much going on.

In our opinion the people of Manchester need a company like us, which provides short-term loans with the people of Manchester and the knowledge of their lives at the forefront of our business.

Manchester isn't like other places; therefore it needs businesses that understand it. Other loan providers don't understand the way things work around here, nor the civic pride that we have in our city. Our London-centric nation and the banks that follow in its path can't properly provide services to the rest of the country.

We think that small local business providing quality service to the people in their locality work best. There are too many large corporations that don't understand their customers at all, and we think that we are the best alternative: a small, local business that always puts our customers first.

Despite the excellence of the city in which we live, Manchester has a large amount of people in poverty or low-income families. These people need targeted services that understand the situation they are in.

Low-income families can't come up with sufficient amounts of funds suddenly; therefore it's necessary that we can lend them the money for a holiday, a car or another commodity that requires a single large upfront payment. We allow them to pay back their loan at good rates—we make minimal profit from our service because we don't think that banks and corporations should profit from the people of Manchester's difficulties.

The city of Manchester and the county of Greater Manchester are an excellent place to live, and we believe the people that live here need an excellent short-term loan service to match.

Jazz Loans Manchester are Manchester's premier financial solutions provider, we provide low-rate, low-cost loans with excellent customer service to the people of Greater Manchester.