Low Interest Rates

Our interest rates are very low.

Our company works hard to evaluate the risk of our customers defaulting on their loans, and we always work hard to minimise our costs. The lower our expenditure, the lower the interest we have to charge our customers.

Loans are always checked by trained credit advisors before they are approved in order to ensure that we are offering a fair, consistent and low interest rate to each and every customer that we have.

Our relationship with our underwriters is, and has always been, on excellent terms. This allows us to lend more to our customers with lower fees charged to us by our underwriters.

We have a triple-A credit rating, which allows us to borrow money either to lend out or to invest into our business at excellent rates ourselves. These rates we can then pass onto our customers in terms of savings on their interest rates.

We do not want to exploit our customers for profit. Profit hungry corporations caused the credit crisis that has been affecting our economy and lives since 2007. We believe that customers come first, always. Without customers, there would be no business. It seems to us, at Jazz Loans Manchester, that other financial service providers have completely forgotten this.

Jazz Loans Manchester offers some of the lowest interest rates for any short-term loan in the country, and they're only available to the residents of Greater Manchester!