Payday loans draw people in and punish them harshly with high rates; their dangerous activities have been reported widely in the media, including This article in the Independent newspaper.

In light of these issues, we believe that our customers should never be forced to pay extremely high fees. All of our customers are treated as partners in our business, and given a stress-free experience in obtaining our loans.

We keep our rates low because we want our customers to profit from the money—to be able to use the money and spend it in the way they see fit.

We're the market leader in doorstep loans, the alternatives such as payday loans, logbook loans or credit cards may seem attractive yet they're only trying to profit from their customers.

We always act responsibly, whereas other lenders may be reckless. Payday loan companies in particular are known for trapping their customers in a maelstrom of debt and pursuing it to the point where the electricity and water in the customer's home is cut off.

We do not pursue our loans in this way; we will give you the time you need to pay us back. It is always the very last resort to use the legal system to get our money back.

Those who are ineligible for our loans will have to find an alternative way to borrow; this is because there are certain customers our underwriters will not underwrite.

Those who are ineligible are the following:

  • Those under 18 years of age
  • Those who are bankrupt
  • Those who are under CCJs
  • People who have no right to work in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or its dependencies
  • People who do not have any regular income (regular income includes welfare provision from the state)
  • Those who are currently in debt to payday lenders
  • Those who have borrowed more than their credit limits (including credit cards and overdraft limits)
  • Those who have ever been convicted by fraud or fraudulent behaviour
  • Anyone currently under investigation for a criminal offence or under a suspended sentence
  • Those without a place of residence in the UK