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The fastest growing short-term loan provider in Greater Manchester. Our company is only five years old, but we've grown to employ one hundred staff in South Manchester

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Loan Safety

We offer low, affordable interest rates because we do not want to exploit the financial struggles of our clientele-other companies unsecured loans do exploit their customers for profit

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Welcome To Jazz Loans Manchester

Welcome to Jazz Loans Manchester. We are Manchester's premier personal loan provider. From Market Street to Spinningfields, Manchester is full of banks and other financial institutions. But not one single Mancunian financial service can deliver to your door. We will approve your loan based on your online application and send one of our agents to your home within the Greater Manchester area!

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Manchester Loans

In our opinion people of Manchester need a company like us, which provides loans in Manchester at the forefront of our business


Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans are the perfect opportunity to easily secure short-term financing, and you don't even have to leave your home


Loan Safety

We believe that we are an incredibly safe financial institution and are underwritten by high-profile financial institutions



We keep our rates low because we want our customers to profit from the money—to be able to use the money and spend it in the way they see fit


Low Interest Rates

Our relationship with our underwriters has always been on excellent terms. This allows us to lend more to our customers with lower fees charged


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Contact us now if you have any queries, any questions or would prefer to apply over the phone than using our online application form

Jazz Loans Manchester

The process is simple:

1. You log onto our website and fill in our short application form

2. We organise a face-to-face meeting using the contact information you provided us

3. You pop the kettle on and we'll send one of our agents round for a quick chat, look over your documents and approving the loan

4. They give you the money and leave!

The process is very simple and there's even time for a cuppa

The service we offer is called a doorstep loan, because we bring the loan directly to your doorstep.

The loans we offer are all short-term, ranging from one month to 6 months.

The low-cost, low-rate loans we offer are the best of their kind in the UK, let alone Manchester! And they're only offered to you, the residents of Manchester.

We partner with some of the greatest lenders such as www.doorstepbank.co.ukwww.doorstepbank.co.uk, to name just a few, which provides doorstep loans and other sorts of short-term lending.

We believe that you can do you research in utmost detail and you won't find a better deal within Greater Manchester.

It's important that you know what you're getting into when you agree to personal debt; the bank HSBC has a short questionnaire to help you find out your financial health. This should help you analyse your needs, and the amount you need to borrow.

Don't worry though; the onus isn't on you to work out if you can afford a loan. The application process helps us to work out the amount you can afford to borrow and the rates at which you can afford to pay it back. We'll never lend you anything you can't afford; we want our customers to be able to borrow money from us without stress or panic.

Jazz Loans is the best provider of short-term loans in the Greater Manchester area. Our loans are easy to obtain, completely safe, and affordable.

We always treat our customers as they should be treated, with respect and dignity.

  • Your personal circumstances are important to us, and we always take them into account
  • We never automatically accept or reject your application, it's always reviewed by a human being
  • Your credit rating is never used as overriding evidence. A poor credit rating does not tell your story
  • Your situation will change regularly, always contact us if you begin to struggle; all of our staff are friendly and approachable

We're the best company in Greater Manchester for customers. Our customer satisfaction is always high because we keep them at the forefront of our company vision. Our loans are safe, suitable and flexible for every customer—and you don't even have to leave your living room!